Dec 10: Is it hot in here or is it just the CO2?
Dec 10th, 2011 by Sam


Join Samantha Clemens this Saturday as she speaks to Roger Shamel from the Global Warming Education Network as they discuss the latest Climate Change data.

  • Has the Global Warming debate become TOO politicized?
  • Has John Huntsman sold his soul by backtracking on his original comments by “pulling a Romney” on Climate Change?
  • Was Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” hyperbole or factual?
  • When will Worcester be a coastal city?


The new Rick Perry ad…  is there a problem with a President so overtly Christian?  And of a particular sect of Christianity?  And, why are Republican men so hot for those barn jackets…

Dec: 3 Liar, Liar, Romney’s pants are on fire!
Dec 3rd, 2011 by Sam

Is Mitt Romney a liar, opportunist or just a politician?

After a recent political ad where he distorts the president’s words, has the former Massachusetts Governor lost all credibility whatsoever?

Join Samantha Clemens this Saturday as she speaks to The Boston Globe’s Scot Lehigh about his recent column on Mitt Romney.


Samantha discusses her favorite Barney Frank Moments!

Nov 19: Vote Early, Vote Often…
Nov 19th, 2011 by Sam

Part 1: Samantha sez:

Part 2: Roger Johnston:
When you pull the curtain to vote, are you sure that the candidate you’re voting for is getting your vote?


Do you trust computerized voting machines?

Join Samantha this Saturday as she welcomes Roger Johnston, Ph.D. ,CPP; head of the Vulnerability Assessment Team at Argonne National Laboratory, as they discuss the “accuracy” and “safety” of electronic voting machines.

For more information:


Nov 12: Cain and Perry’s Fate and the Granite State Update!
Nov 12th, 2011 by Sam

Part 1: Samantha sez:


Part 2: Granite State Update with Tony Schinella:


Once upon a time there were Perry and Cain,
Whose outlooks on the world were kind of insane.
One guy likes the chicks,
While the other’s brain is on the fritz,
And it’s Newt’s poll numbers that did gain.

Join Samantha this Saturday at 10am for The Samantha Clemens Show as she talks politics and the latest GOP debate!

Also, Tony Schinella joins Samantha as he gives an update of the latest political happening north of the border on The Granite State Update!

Nov 05: The Redemption of a Neo-Nazi
Nov 5th, 2011 by Sam

The Redemption of a Neo-Nazi

Bryon Widner was a Neo-Nazi, skinhead enforcer who helped to organize Nazi chapters all over the country. In 2006 he left the hate group with the help of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

This Saturday at 10am, Bryon Widner will be a guest on The Samantha Clemens Show. The two will discuss life as a Neo-Nazi thug and his transformation, both physically and mentally.

Oct 29: Glenn Greenwald and The Granite State Update
Oct 29th, 2011 by Sam


Part 1:  Samantha:  her thoughts on the Rule of Law, the Founding Fathers views on ‘all equal before the law,’ occupy wall street, and power


Part 2: Glenn Greenwald, his new book  “With Liberty and Justice for Some: How the Law Is Used to Destroy Equality and Protect the Powerful


Part 3: The Granite State Update: Marc Fortier of provides on update on who’s making news, who’s making boos, and who’s gonna lose.


Oct 22: So you wanna be a Senator?
Oct 22nd, 2011 by Sam



Can a self proclaimed  “socially liberal and fiscally responsible” candidate keep up with the big boys and girls in the Democratic primary?

Is there an alternative to Elizabeth Gorilla-in-the-Room Warren?  What does he bring that she does not?

Oct 15: John O’Brien, Register of Deeds; takes on the banks
Oct 15th, 2011 by Sam


On the show…

We started talking about the Occupy movement – clips of comments about it – Sean Hannity, Herman Cain, participants..

Then – Takes a hero to take on the banks!  Guest: John O’Brien, Register of Deeds, and Kevin Harvey, First Assistant; Southern Essex County, Massachusetts

Is Bank of America missing in action or dead on arrival?
Are the Occupy Boston protests here to stay? Do they have a unifying message?
Will the “evil doers” ever be held accountable for their actions?

Find out on this Saturday’s edition of The Samantha Clemens Show!!!

Samantha welcomes friend of the show and South Essex Register of Deeds John O’Brien! For those of you who don’t know Mr. O’brien, he was taking on Bank of America BEFORE it was cool!

Be sure to listen and call in with your questions and concerns for Mr. O’brien. The studio number is 617 237 1234.

Oct 8: GOP presidential candidate Fred Karger
Oct 7th, 2011 by Sam


Coming up:

GOP Presidential Candidate Fred Karger. Is it difficult to be G-A-Y in the G-O-P? Fred will will be on The Samantha Clemens Show to discuss his run for president.


Samantha welcomes’s Tony Schinella as he presents his “Granite State Update.” Tony will give us an update about what’s happening leading up to the NH primary!

  • Will the primary be in December?
  • Will Bachmann make a comeback or does Romney have it in the bag for the GOP?


Oct 1: How Would You Change the Constitution?
Oct 1st, 2011 by Sam


We started with Marisa DeFranco (see below) and ended with an update from Tony Schinella of with the Granite State Update….

What we want to know is; if you could, what changes would you make to the US Constitution?

Would you:

Eliminate the Commerce Clause?
Put restrictions on the 2nd Amendment?
Clarify the First Amendment?
Change the function of the Senate?

It’s up to you!

Be sure to call in and answer our constitution questions. You may win a (sorta) fabulous prize!!!!  617 237 1234.

PLUS, Massachusetts Senatorial candidate Marisa DeFranco will be on the show this Saturday to talk about her campaign (and maybe we can get her opinion on what she might change in the Constitution!)

Things we thought were interesting….

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