Oct 30: Jonathan Simon of the Elec. Def. All.; Jim Henderson, cand for Sec of Commonwealth
Oct 30th, 2010 by Sam


Do you have confidence your votes are counted correctly?  Would it concern you to find out there is no audit trail for electronic machines?  That the software is proprietary and therefore secret to all except the owners?  That the owners of the company that makes the machines have donated $$$ to one party??  (guess which one?)

We’ll talk with Jonathan Simon of the Election Defense Alliance who has analyzed elections across the country, including the Martha Coakley / Scott Brown election in January 2010…

Video: Woman stomped on head by Rand Paul supporters
Oct 26th, 2010 by Sam

It happened in Lexington, Kentucky before debate between Paul, Jack Conway.

Are these people for real??

Check out the video here

Just a few crazies?  Or glimmers of what could come?

Oct 23: Bill Keating (D), candidate for 10th district
Oct 23rd, 2010 by Sam

On my show this Saturday, Oct 23rd at 10 am:

Bill Keating (D), candidate for the 10th Congressional District in MA will join us to talk about his values, the issues, and the attacks from the National Republican Congressional Committee  ….


Jeff Perry, his Republican opponent has been dogged by a story from 20 years ago that as a police officer, he stood by while a 14 year girl was strip searched by a fellow officer and then covered it up.  He’s denied any knowledge of the event. Fast forward… Today, the 14 year old, now in her early thirties, came forward with her statement about what happened that night and her belief that Jeff Perry should “not be in a position of power:”

I cannot stand by silently any longer while what happened to me is discussed in the press. It upsets me that Jeff Perry can run for Congress after what he did to me when I was fourteen years old.

Jeff Perry was nearby when Scott Flanagan illegally strip searched me. Perry knew what Flanagan did, he had to hear me screaming and crying. Instead of helping me, Jeff Perry denied anything happened. Even after Scott Flanagan admitted the truth under oath and pled guilty, Perry never apologized for allowing Flanagan to abuse me. Now he has said he would not do anything differently if he had the chance.

Perry did not care about protecting teen-aged girls in Wareham from police officer Flanagan. Jeff Perry cared only about protecting police officer Flanagan.

Chief Joyce now says Jeff Perry was a good cop. Neither Chief Joyce nor Sgt. Perry were good cops. Chief Joyce refused to investigate when my mother complained about what Flanagan did to me. Like Perry, Chief Joyce protected police officer Flanagan instead of protecting teen-aged girls from police officer Flanagan.

Jeff Perry was not an honest police sergeant; he should not be in a position of power.

Check out the video report from NECN on

Then SUDDENLY, moments later, the National Republican Congressional Committee release a statement, charging Keating with being soft on rape during his tenure as Prosecuting Attorney in Norfolk County.


A radio spot radio spot by Scott Brown supporting Jeff Perry and attacking bill Keating is released today .  Was it recorded today??

Does plea bargaining in rape cases equate to standing by while a 14 year old girl allegedly is strip searched (i.e. 40-something cop makes her pull up her top and bra, unzip her pants, and shoves his hand down her pants!!)?  She claims he could hear her screaming as he was 15 feet away.

Should Lisa Allen have come forward at this late date?  Does it seem like the Republican have been ready, waiting for this to come out?

Does this matter to you or does it make you more cynical about politics.

Should we focus instead on taxes, infrastructure, the military, health care……..

We’ll talk about it on Saturday morning @ 10 am.

Oct 16: Steve Meacham of City Life/Vida Urbana (CLVU); Jim Bleikamp of Dow Jones Radio
Oct 15th, 2010 by Sam

2010-10-16-samantha-clemens.Mp3 banking executive compensation and profits are up again, tenants living in foreclosed building are just more collateral damage from the 2010 American Banking Ponzi Schemeexcept that some have been and continue to fight back…

Steve Meacham of City Life/Vida Urbana (CLVU) tells us about direct street action to keep people in their homes…

Next action is this Sunday – check out the press release below…


Jim Bleikamp of Dow Jones Radio has been reporting on financial issues for over a decade.  He joins us to talk about the foreclosure crisis…  what is the insider point of view, what actions can progressives take that are effective.


MEDIA ADVISORY FOR: CONTACT: Russ Davis, (617)-413-0713

October 17, 2010

Massachusetts Working Families to “Welcome” American Banking Association to Boston

Boston— Massachusetts workers, families, and community allies are preparing to “welcome” the American Bankers Association annual convention in Boston on Sunday. The convention is themed “History Happens Here, Be A Part of It” and Massachusetts working families are determined to make history too by standing up to the very bankers who crashed the economy, cost the country 8 million jobs, and have seized 5 million homes through foreclosure.

Participants will demand that banks immediately halt foreclosures in all 50 states and work to keep families in their homes through real mortgage modification, including reduction of principal. This march comes amidst revelations that banks have signed off on nearly 40,000 foreclosures every month without making sure they had a legal right to foreclose on the homes. Meanwhile, Wall Street bankers are expected to pay themselves $144 billion this year.

The rally will feature a skit including a large puppet in a top hat, representing the banks, with an assistant. They will knock on large paper mache doors of homeowners, who will refuse to move.

The rally is part of a larger campaign to hold banks accountable for the devastation they have caused our communities—similar actions will be taking place at bank branches across the country in the coming weeks. Homeowners can visit to demand their mortgage note and protect themselves from being foreclosed on by a bank that cannot prove it owns their loan.

WHO: Jobs With Justice, National People’s Action, Northwest Federation of Community Organizations, Alliance to Develop Power, Jobs With Justice, City Life, Pico National Network, Massachusetts Communities Action Network, New England United for Justice, ACCE, SEIU

WHAT: Massachusetts working families demanding bankers end foreclosures and provide real solutions to getting our economy moving again

WHERE: March: 4:30 pm from Copley Sq. to the Hynes Center

Protest: 5-7 pm in front of the Hynes


  • Large top-hat puppet representing the banks, accompanied by pig-nosed assistant, knocking on large paper mache doors of homeowners.
  • Large banners and signs

For more information, please visit


Oct 9: Foreclosure nightmare and Jim Henderson (I), candidate for Sec of the Commonwealth
Oct 9th, 2010 by Sam

The foreclosure nightmare: they’ve done it again! Now it’s paperwork.

Think this doesn’t affect you? Think you know who holds title on your home?? Was your mortgage sold? Is it part of a security trust? Then – who the heck knows? You’ll find out when you try to sell. We’ll talk about it.

Listen to the entire show here: 2010-10-09-samantha-clemens.Mp3

– and –


Jim Henderson (I), candidate for Secretary of the Commonwealth

He’s a lawyer. He’s a techno geek. He sings. He says he’s independent and will make information available to all of us. What do you think??

Jim Henderson Interview

We discussed ideas including  aggregating information in one website making it easy to find out what you’re looking for, ranked voting, early voting, improving the technology of voting machines, national holiday on election day.

Oct 2: Steve Grossman (D) for Treasurer; Mary Z. Connaughton (R) for Auditor
Oct 2nd, 2010 by Sam



Steve Grossman, candidate for Massachusetts State Treasurer

What does the treasurer do?  why does Steve Grossman want the job?  what difference does it make to have a democrat vs a republican bring to this office?  how does it specifically affect us?

Mary Z. Connaughton, candidate for Massachusetts State Auditor

She has pledged to be a thorn in the side of Governor Deval Patrick.  What does that mean?  How will things change?  What difference does it make that she is a Republican vs a Democrat?

Check out the debate.

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