Jan 28: Jimmy Tingle is running for President
Jan 27th, 2012 by Sam

Samantha talks about the American Dream: Samantha commentary about the American Dream

Jimmy Tingle: Jimmy Tingle

This week:

Tired of your choices for president?
Looking for a candidate who represents you?
Do you want a presidential candidate who people laugh with, and not at?
Then cast your vote for the internationally known Boston comedian, Jimmy Tingle!

Even though Jimmy Tingle isn’t actually on the ballot, you can still listen to Samantha Clemens interview him about his faux run for president and his new video “Jimmy Tingle’s American Dream.”

Jimmy is one of the top social and political humorists in America.  He was a commentator and humorist for 60 Minutes II where he created, wrote, edited, and performed television essays for national broadcast on 60 Minutes II News Magazine television show under Supervisor and Executive Producer Jeff Fager.  He has also been a commentator and humorist for MSNBC, contributing to freewheeling discussions, commentaries, and debates with other “FRIENDS” of the show including Anne Coulter, Lawrence O’Donnell, Jonathan Alter, and Laura Ingraham under Supervisor and Senior Producer Steve Lewis.

Let Jimmy hear from his future constituents by calling the listener line at 617 237 1234!

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Jan 21: The Tea Party and the Remaking of Republican Conservatism
Jan 21st, 2012 by Sam

Vanessa Williamson: Vanessa Williamson

Samantha comments on the Tea Party: 2012-01-21-samantha-clemens-p2-commentary-superpacs.mp3

The Tea Party isn’t making the same headlines, but the people are still out there and they are voting. Want to know more? We interview Vanessa Williamson, co-author of “The Tea Party and the Remaking of Republican Conservatism.”

From a review in the New York Times:

“…the Tea Partiers’ anti-­government ideology is tempered by quiet support for Social Security and Medicare. That’s because the activists themselves tend to be middle-aged or older. Tea Partiers aren’t opposed to government benefits per se, according to Skocpol and Williamson; rather, they’re opposed to “unearned” government benefits, which in practice ends up meaning any benefits extended to African-­Americans, Latinos, immigrants (especially undocumented ones) and the young. A poll of South Dakota Tea Party supporters found that 83 percent opposed any Social Security cuts, 78 percent opposed any cuts to Medicare prescription-drug coverage, and 79 percent opposed cuts in Medicare reimbursements to physicians and hospitals. “So much for the notion that Tea Partiers are all little Dick Armeys,” Skocpol and Williamson write. The small government Tea Partiers favor is one where I get mine and most others don’t get much at all.”

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Jan 14: New Hampshire…The Boys of the GOP love it and leave it!
Jan 14th, 2012 by Sam

Tony Schinella, 2012-01-14-samantha-clemens-tony-schinella-primaries.Mp3

Poor New Hampshire sits alone atop Massachusetts with nothing to show for her love affair with the boys of the GOP. The Granite State, which was once the focus of attention for the country’s most eligible candidates, sits quietly in her room with no date to the prom and memories of the greatest time in her young life.

Now as the boys of the GOP run to the arms of South Carolina, the Palmetto State looks forward to the attention she’s about to receive. SC knows what’ll happen. Just like New Hampshire and Iowa before her, she’ll be alone with a broken heart, only to pick up the pieces left behind.


Maybe she can learn from the other states. Maybe she doesn’t need the “safe” Mitt Romney to be her number one man. Maybe Newt Gingrich will be her guy. I’m sure all the things written about him in the girls bathroom aren’t true. Nobody could be that cruel. Right?

How about Jon Huntsman, Rick Santorum or Ron Paul? Will they be honest about their feelings or will they tell her what she wants to hear just so they can get a little action?

Maybe she can get the incredibly handsome Rick Perry to stop playing X-box and smoking weed for a few minutes to show her a little love. Maybe.

The one thing South Carolina knows is that she’ll never end up like New Hampshire. She knows it’ll be love this time. She know she’ll have a date to the prom. She just knows it.

**To help us understand the tale of New Hampshire and South Carolina,’s Tony Schinella will be on The Samantha Clemens Show this Saturday at 10am on The Revolution Boston AM 1510 and**

Listener lines will be open. Be sure to call Samantha at 617 237 1234 to get your voice heard!

Jan 7: Bachmann, Santorum, Overdrive!
Jan 7th, 2012 by Sam

Martha Fuller Clark


Glen Johnson


This Saturday’s show:

Santorum’s Surge
Romney’s Rage
Bachmann’s Bowing Out

Join Samantha on her first show of the New Year as she welcomes’s Political Intelligence editor, Glen Johnson!

The two will break down the recent Iowa Caucus and prepare us for the New Hampshire primary!

  • Will it be Romney on top again?
  • Will Santorum pick up where Bachmann left off?
  • Is Perry next to go?

Also joining the show: Vice Chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party, Martha Fuller Clark!

This is not your mother’s New Hampshire.  Free Staters and ALEC are all having an impact on the state. Get the lowdown on how NH has changed, the tactics in use, and what it portends for other states and the country.   Check this out…

In New Hampshire, Republican state legislators seem to believe education is no longer something they should require. Via ThinkProgress:

Today the GOP-controlled Senate passed HB 542, which effectively ends compulsory education for New Hampshire students. Their House colleagues approved the measure earlier last year.

No, seriously. It ends compulsory education, and it’s been passed by both houses of the Legislature? Really? Really.   Here’s what it says.

 IX-c. Require school districts to adopt a policy allowing an exception to specific course material based on a parent’s or legal guardian’s determination that the material is objectionable. Such policy shall include a provision requiring the parent or legal guardian to notify the school principal or designee in writing of the specific material to which they object and a provision requiring an alternative agreed upon by the school district and the parent, at the parent’s expense, sufficient to enable the child to meet state requirements for education in the particular subject area. The name of the parent or legal guardian and any specific reasons disclosed to school officials for the objection to the material shall not be public information and shall be excluded from access under RSA 91-A.

As worded, any parent could object to the entire curriculum and substitute whatever they wanted instead, with no measurement or assessment or accountability for that “alternative material” requirement, which means compulsory education would be dead, dead, dead.  Crooks and Liars, January 5, 2012

Goodbye 2011. Welcome 2012!
Jan 2nd, 2012 by Sam

What are you going to let go of from 2011?

What are you going to embrace in 2012?

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