Apr 27: A Women’s Place is in the House (of Representatives)
Apr 27th, 2012 by Sam

On the show:

First —

Paul Brandus, White House Bureau Chief and founder of the West Wing Report, will give us the latest about about the presidential race and the impact of the latest bad economic news on the campaigns. We’ll also touch on why Obama went to Colombia and whether he was successful.

Then —

Are women politicians in America oppressed or is American politics better left for the boys? The United States is currently tied for 79th in the world with liberal powerhouse Turkmenistan for percentage of women in national government. Who is number 1? Rwanda. Who’s number 3?  Cuba.

To get a clearer picture of where American women stand in The Land of the Free, we’ll talk with Siobhan “Sam” Bennett, President/CEO of She Should Run and Women’s Campaign Fund will join to discuss America’s dismal position in the world for women in politics.

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Apr 21: Shareholders Revolt(ed) against Citibank Exec Pay
Apr 20th, 2012 by Sam

Sam commentary: 2012-04-21-samantha-clemens-p1-commentary.mp3

Todd Wallack: 2012-04-21-samantha-clemens-p2-todd-wallack-liberty-mutual.mp3

Paul Dorf: 2012-04-21-samantha-clemens-p3-paul-dorf-exec-comp.mp3


Is a sleeping giant waking up??

 “Citigroup’s shareholders recently took advantage of the new “say-on-pay” provisions of the Dodd-Frank law to vote DOWN CEO Vikram Pandit’s $15 million pay package.”


And here in Boston, the Liberty Mutual CEO has been under fire for collecting $50 million A YEAR for his job…. When rates are set by the state! Is he really that good??



  •  Paul Dworf, Managing Director of Compensation Resources Inc, is an expert in Executive Compensation. We’ll talk about:
    • how these guys set executive compensation levels,
    • how they measure success,
    • how they hire these guys in the first place,
    • how compensation and the attitude of the execs has changed over time,
    • what the effect of tax increases would have
    • and whether more money is really an incentive for these guys.

My question: Just how is it that the free market can’t get these wages DOWN instead of up in a down economy? Are there more of these guys on the streets – more supply of executive labor than demand? What’s going on?

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Apr 14: Death of the Death Penalty in CT
Apr 14th, 2012 by Sam

Audio coming soon…

Hope you can join us for The Samantha Clemens Show Saturday morning at 10 am EDT on AM1510 in Boston, streaming live at

Guest:   Professor James Alan Fox, Northeastern University criminology professor AND Community Voices blogger

Connecticut’s legislature has voted to abolish the death penalty in the Nutmeg state and George Zimmerman has been charged with 2nd degree murder in the Sunshine State….

But what are the ramifications?

Connecticut has only has one execution since 1976, will it make a difference? In the last few years a number of states have voted to abolish the penalty…will the trend continue?


  • Was Mr. Zimmermann “overcharged” or “undercharged”?
  • Is the second degree murder charge appropriate? Would have even been charged if there wasn’t such a national outcry?
  • What about life without parole for juvenile offenders??

Join Samantha on as she welcomes Professor James Alan Fox!

The two will discuss these legal topics and more.

Be sure to call the studio line to get your comments heard and your questions asked! The studio number is 617 237 1234!

Apr 7: Chris Mooney on The Republican Brain
Apr 7th, 2012 by Sam

On the Samantha Clemens Show, Saturday morning from 10 to 11am, Samantha welcomes Chris Mooney to talk about his new book “The Republican Brain: The Science of Why They Deny the Science — and Reality”


From Amazon:

Best selling author Chris Mooney uses cutting-edge research to explain the psychology behind why today’s Republicans reject reality—it’s just part of who they are.

From climate change to evolution, the rejection of mainstream science among Republicans is growing, as is the denial of expert consensus on the economy, American history, foreign policy and much more. Why won’t Republicans accept things that most experts agree on? Why are they constantly fighting against the facts?

Science writer Chris Mooney explores brain scans, polls, and psychology experiments to explain why conservatives today believe more wrong things; appear more likely than Democrats to oppose new ideas and less likely to change their beliefs in the face of new facts; and sometimes respond to compelling evidence by doubling down on their current beliefs.

  • Goes beyond the standard claims about ignorance or corporate malfeasance to discover the real, scientific reasons why Republicans reject the widely accepted findings of mainstream science, economics, and history—as well as many undeniable policy facts (e.g., there were no “death panels” in the health care bill).
  • Explains that the political parties reflect personality traits and psychological needs—with Republicans more wedded to certainty, Democrats to novelty—and this is the root of our divide over reality.
  • Written by the author of The Republican War on Science, which was the first and still the most influential book to look at conservative rejection of scientific evidence. But the rejection of science is just the beginning…

Certain to spark discussion and debate, The Republican Brain also promises to add to the lengthy list of persuasive scientific findings that Republicans reject and deny.

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