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2010 and earlier

Jul 17: Immigration, the constitution, state’s rights and the ACLU


Jun 26: Rose Aguilar: “Red Highways: A Liberal’s Journey into the Heartland”


Jun 19: Spew baby, spew & what does it mean to be a dad?


Jun 12: Tony Schinella talks Sharron, Nikki, Carly, and Meg; plus thoughts on BP, Publisher of


Jun 05: Risk, Kids Killing, Angry Prez, MA Dems


May 15: Harvard/Yale, Catholic/Jewish, NY/NJ, not much published, Dean Velvel, Massachusetts School of Law


May 1: Why you can’t run the economy like a business!; Timothy Taylor, Managing Editor of the Journal of Economic Perspectives

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May 22: Does Rand Paul = Tea Partiers?? Do Tea Partiers = Repubs?


Apr 24: Goldman, corruption, and why they won’t respect us in the morning; Stephan G Richter, The Globalist

Goldman, corruption, and why they won’t respect us in the morning.

Apr 17: Obama’s new policy on nukes – long overdue or threat?; John Loretz, IPPNW

John Loretz: Nukes

Apr 10: What does a tax system say about a society?


Apr 3: Rosalind Wiseman author of Queen Bees & Wannabees


Mar 27th: Richard Wrangham: What makes us Human?


Mar 20: replay – Jerry Coyne, “Why Evolution is True”


Mar 13: on the radio – AIG pay and Glenn Beck annointing himself


Mar 6: Guns and Burkas


Feb 13: Dr Kerim M. Munir and Don Leka



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2009-01-23: Tony Schinella,

2009-01-16: David S. Bernstein; Boston Phoenix

2009-12-26: Tom Clark; Director, Center for Naturalism; Moderator, Harvard Book Store Philosophy Cafe

2009-12-19: Dr. Geoffrey Clark, M.D., (retired), Portsmouth, NH and Don Leka, Musician and (self-described) Recovering Lawyer

2009-12-12: Brenda Ekwurzel, Federal Climate Scientist, Union of Concerned Scientists and Mark Alston-Follansbee, Executive Director, Somerville Homeless Shelter

2009-12-05: David Bernstein of the Boston Phoenix and Tony Schinella of

2009-11-07: Tibor Fischer, author “Good to be God”

2009-10-24: Carol Rose, Executive Director, ACLU of Massachusetts

2009-10-03: John Loretz, Program Director, at International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War

2009-09-26: Tom Clark; Director, Center for Naturalism; Moderator, Harvard Book Store Philosophy Cafe

2009-09-19: Jerry Coyne, PhD and Professor of Ecology and Evolution at the University of Chicago

2009-09-12: Ken Rynne from Planet Washington and Tony Schinella, publisher of

2009-08-15: Brooks Jackson of

2009-08-01: George Mokray of

2009-07-25: Tony Schinella of and Professor Scott Brewer of the Harvard Law School

2009-07-25: Dr. Susan Heilman of the Museum of Science and Steve Bloomstein of the Turimiquire Foundation

2009-07-11: Tibor Fischer, author

2009-06-27: Craig Sandler of the State House News Service

2009-06-20: Ned Holstein of Fathers and Families Fathers

2009-06-06: Rev Katherine Ragsdale of the Episcopal Divinity School and Craig Sandler of the State House News Service

2008-08-09: Wick Sloane, writer of The Devil’s Workshop, for Inside Higher Education and Scott Schuppen, adjunct instructor of English Composition at The College of DuPage in Illinois

2008-08-09: Brian X, veteran of the produce industry (!)

2008-07-26: KL McLoughlin, author of Baby Steps

2008-07-26: Chris Ott, Communications Manager for the ACLU of Massachusetts

2008-07-19: Tony Schinella, publisher of

2008-07-19: Craig Sandler, Owner and General Manager of the State House News Service

2008-07-19: Dedrick Muhammed, Senior Organizer and Research Assoc for the Program on Inequality and the Common Good at the Institute for Policy Studies

2008-07-12: Quil Lawrence, Middle East Correspondent for PRI’s The World, award-winning journalist, and author of “Invisible Nation: How the Kurds Quest for Statehood is Shaping Iraq and the Middle East”

2008-06-28: Ed O’Reilly, challenger of John Kerry for US Senate

2008-06-21: John Loretz, Program Director of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War

2008-06-14: Ned Holstein, Founder of Fathers and Families

2008-06-14: Tom Clark, moderator of the Philosophy Cafe at the Harvard Book Store

2008-05-31: Robin Dahlberg, senior staff attorney with the ACLU’s Racial Justice Program

2008-05-17: Tom Clark, moderator of the Philosophy Cafe at The Harvard Bookstore

2008-05-17: Mark Alston-Follonsbee, Executive Director of the Somerville Homeless Coalition

2008-05-10: Dedrick Muhammed, author of the report 40 Years Later: The Unrealized Dream, a project of The Institute for Policy Studies

2008-05-10: Wayne Madsen, author of the book “Overthrow a Fascist Regime on $15 a Day: The Internet Irregulars vs. The Powers That Be!”

2008-05-03: Dr. Ana Julia Jatar – Fellow, Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, John F Kennedy Center of Government, Harvard University

2008-04-26: Tony Schinella, Journalist and Editor of

2008-04-19: Greg Epstein, Humanist Chaplain, Harvard University

2008-04-12: Tom Clark, Director of the Center for Naturalism, moderator of the Philosophy Cafe at the Harvard Square Bookstore

2008-04-12: Dr. Lobsang Sangay, first Tibetan to earn a doctoral degree from Harvard Law School

2008-04-05: Craig Sandler, owner and General Manager of State House News Service

2008-04-05: Dr. Marc Sommers, author, “Fear in Bongoland: Burundi Refugees in Urban Tanzania”, which received the 2003 Margaret Mead Award

2008-03-29: Dr. Lobsang Sangay, a regular consultant on Tibetan issues for major news media, including the BBC, the Washington Post, Boston Globe and TIME magazine.

2008-03-29: Michael German, ACLU National Security Policy Counsel and former undercover FBI agent who infiltrated neo-Nazi Terrorist groups in the United States

2008-03-22: Robin Bergman, Alan Frankel, George Barrett, and Marc Sacks of

2008-03-08: State Senator Pamela Resor (D – Acton) and Isa Woldeguiorguis of Jane Doe Inc.

2008-02-16: George Mokray; writes Solarray and a diary on Daily Kos

2008-02-02: Tony Schinella; Journalist and Editor of

2008-02-02: James Otieno, Kenyan-born business executive turned philanthropist

2008-01-19: Toni K. Troop, Director of Development and Public Relations, Jane Doe Inc.

2008-01-12: Don Leka, Attorney and Musician

2008-01-05: Tony Schinella; Journalist and Editor of

2007-12-21: Cheryl Jacques, leader in the gay civil rights movement and former MA State Senator with Jennifer Crisler, Executive Director of the Family Equality Council

2007-12-15: Andres Silva, Senior Loan Officer at ACCION

2007-12-08: Craig Sandler, Owner and General Manager, State House News Service

2007-12-01: Mark Alston-Follansbee, Executive Director of the Somerville Homeless Coalition

2007-11-24: Sam Clark, ScD Public Health, Researcher, Ethiopia

2007-11-17: Tom Clark, Director, Center for Naturalism and Kate Moriarty, Vice Chair, Board of Trustees; Gay Men’s Domestic Violence Project

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