Jun 12: Tony Schinella talks Sharron, Nikki, Carly, and Meg; plus thoughts on BP
Jun 12th, 2010 by Sam


Tony Schinella of www. joins us to discuss the mid-term primaries last Tuesday.  Sharron Angle (Nevada – Senate)  and Nikki Haley (South Carolina – Governor) were tea-party approved while Blanche Lincoln (Arkansas – Senate), Carly Fiorina (California – Senate) and Meg Whitman (California – Governor) were endorsed by the mainstream Republican leadership.

What conclusions can we draw from this?  Will the voters find the tea party candidates too extreme in the general elections next November?  Doest his bode well for Democrats?

And, what about the latest weird thing from South Carolina: Alvin Greene?

“I’m the Democratic Party nominee,” Greene says in the interview at his father’s home on a lonely stretch of rural highway in central South Carolina. “The people have spoken. The people of South Carolina have spoken. The people of South Carolina have spoken. We have to be pro-South Carolina. The people of South Carolina have spoken. We have to be pro-South Carolina.”

Guests on the show
Feb 19th, 2012 by Sam

Some of the guests who’ve joined the show…

Jimmy Tingle, Stand Up Comic, Social and Political Humorist

Chris Mooney, author, The Republican Brain: The Science of Why They Deny the Science – and Reality

Governor Buddy Roemer, US Presidential candidate

Tony Schinella, Editor,

Martha Fuller Clark, Vice Chair, New Hampshire Democratic Party

Glen Johnson, Political Editor, Boston Globe

John O’Brien, Registrar, Southern Essex County, MA

Bruce Judson, author and Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute

Roger Shamel, Global Warming Education Network

Scot Lehigh, Columnist, Boston Globe

Bryon Widner, former Neo-Nazi, now public speaker and citizen contributor

Glenn Greenwald, writer at and filmmaker of Out-foxed

Marc Fortier, Editor,

Fred Karger, GOP Presidential Candidate

Marisa DeFranco, Democratic US Senate, MA Candidate

Naomi Oreskes, author, “Merchants of Doubt”

Gail Dines, Professor of Sociology and Women’s Studies and Chair of American Studies at Wheelock College, and ANTI-PORN activist

David Linden, Ph.D., Professor of Neuroscience at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Julianna Forlano, host and executive producer of the weekly progressive satire video segment The Ironic News Report

Sam Sommers, Associate Professor of Psychology, Tufts University

John Brenner, Assistant News Director/Business/News, Bell Media Radio Ottawa

Gabriela Schneider, Communications Director, Sunlight Foundation

David Saldana, Communications Director,

Dr. Richard Wrangham, Ruth Moore Professor of Biological Anthropology in Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences and author  ”Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human.”

Jerry Coyne, PhD and Professor of Ecology and Evolution at the University of Chicago and author of ”Why Evolution is True“

Brenda Ekwurzel, Federal Climate Scientist, Union of Concerned Scientists

Jan 14: New Hampshire…The Boys of the GOP love it and leave it!
Jan 14th, 2012 by Sam

Tony Schinella, 2012-01-14-samantha-clemens-tony-schinella-primaries.Mp3

Poor New Hampshire sits alone atop Massachusetts with nothing to show for her love affair with the boys of the GOP. The Granite State, which was once the focus of attention for the country’s most eligible candidates, sits quietly in her room with no date to the prom and memories of the greatest time in her young life.

Now as the boys of the GOP run to the arms of South Carolina, the Palmetto State looks forward to the attention she’s about to receive. SC knows what’ll happen. Just like New Hampshire and Iowa before her, she’ll be alone with a broken heart, only to pick up the pieces left behind.


Maybe she can learn from the other states. Maybe she doesn’t need the “safe” Mitt Romney to be her number one man. Maybe Newt Gingrich will be her guy. I’m sure all the things written about him in the girls bathroom aren’t true. Nobody could be that cruel. Right?

How about Jon Huntsman, Rick Santorum or Ron Paul? Will they be honest about their feelings or will they tell her what she wants to hear just so they can get a little action?

Maybe she can get the incredibly handsome Rick Perry to stop playing X-box and smoking weed for a few minutes to show her a little love. Maybe.

The one thing South Carolina knows is that she’ll never end up like New Hampshire. She knows it’ll be love this time. She know she’ll have a date to the prom. She just knows it.

**To help us understand the tale of New Hampshire and South Carolina,’s Tony Schinella will be on The Samantha Clemens Show this Saturday at 10am on The Revolution Boston AM 1510 and**

Listener lines will be open. Be sure to call Samantha at 617 237 1234 to get your voice heard!

Nov 12: Cain and Perry’s Fate and the Granite State Update!
Nov 12th, 2011 by Sam

Part 1: Samantha sez:


Part 2: Granite State Update with Tony Schinella:


Once upon a time there were Perry and Cain,
Whose outlooks on the world were kind of insane.
One guy likes the chicks,
While the other’s brain is on the fritz,
And it’s Newt’s poll numbers that did gain.

Join Samantha this Saturday at 10am for The Samantha Clemens Show as she talks politics and the latest GOP debate!

Also, Tony Schinella joins Samantha as he gives an update of the latest political happening north of the border on The Granite State Update!

Oct 8: GOP presidential candidate Fred Karger
Oct 7th, 2011 by Sam


Coming up:

GOP Presidential Candidate Fred Karger. Is it difficult to be G-A-Y in the G-O-P? Fred will will be on The Samantha Clemens Show to discuss his run for president.


Samantha welcomes’s Tony Schinella as he presents his “Granite State Update.” Tony will give us an update about what’s happening leading up to the NH primary!

  • Will the primary be in December?
  • Will Bachmann make a comeback or does Romney have it in the bag for the GOP?


Oct 1: How Would You Change the Constitution?
Oct 1st, 2011 by Sam


We started with Marisa DeFranco (see below) and ended with an update from Tony Schinella of with the Granite State Update….

What we want to know is; if you could, what changes would you make to the US Constitution?

Would you:

Eliminate the Commerce Clause?
Put restrictions on the 2nd Amendment?
Clarify the First Amendment?
Change the function of the Senate?

It’s up to you!

Be sure to call in and answer our constitution questions. You may win a (sorta) fabulous prize!!!!  617 237 1234.

PLUS, Massachusetts Senatorial candidate Marisa DeFranco will be on the show this Saturday to talk about her campaign (and maybe we can get her opinion on what she might change in the Constitution!)

Things we thought were interesting….

The Political Pulpit




Sep 10: To Be or Not To Be…
Sep 10th, 2011 by Sam

To Be or Not To Be…To execute murders or Not to Execute murders, that will be tomorrow’s question as Tony Schinella fills in for Samantha Clemens.

Tony welcomes David Barron, Kentucky lawyer and Billerica, MA native who has made a career of defending death row inmates. David will give his views on the death penalty and Rick Perry’s debate comments.


Tony welcomes Marc Fortier, the New Hampshire Regional Editor for He and Tony will mix it over primary politics in the Granite State.

Make sure you listen to Tony Schinella on Saturday from 10-11am, only on AM 1510 and

Jan 8: This is not your grandfather’s Republican Party
Jan 8th, 2011 by Sam


Tony Schinella,
Richard Kazimer, media veteran
Steve Meacham, City Life/VidaUrbana

Tony and Richard join us to talk about:

– Republican strategy with the new congress re debt ceiling, spending cuts,

– reading of the constitution and leaving out the slavery unpleasantness,

– Daley nomination and what it means for banking regulation,

– should Dems get on board with Obama or not? What should the Dem strategy be for next two years…

Steve Meacham joins us to talk about City Life/Vida Urbana street action next week to keep people in their houses when the banks are foreclosing.

Nov 6: Jonathan D Simon on counting the votes – update
Nov 6th, 2010 by Sam


It’s morning in Massachusetts and we’ve proven ourselves to be the good liberal contrarians that we knew we were, Scott Brown notwithstanding! (I do wonder if he would have been elected if he was homely. But I digress.)

However, just before the election we spoke with Jonathan D Simon of the Election Defense Alliance who does forensic analysis on vote counting. Do the electronic voting machines count votes properly? Accurately? These guys look at everything – they compare hand counted votes with machine votes. Compare historical voting patterns. Look at exit polling data vs actual results.

What they have found is that Republicans consistently do better with machines in closely contested elections. (yes, you read that right).

So, what happened in this last election??? Tune in to learn what they’ve found so far…. And see below for more resources from the Election Defense Alliance…

They’ve been reporting on electronic voting machine/paper trail issues for years over at Brad Blog – check out the recent post-election post about the Registrar in Riverside County, CA.  Even the Secretary of State for California has found the machines to be insecure, yet they continue to be used and the state paid for the reconciliation of paper ballots with the results from the electronic machines.

As another point of view, Tony Schinella writes about the research done by the Ralph Nader folks in New Hampshire after the 2003 election here.  His conclusion is that the optical scanner machines are incredibly accurate and also provide the paper trail for audit purposes.  Luckily, this is the most prevalent machine used here in Massachusetts.


Miller, Mark C., Loser Take All: Election Fraud and the Subversion of Democracy, 2000-2008,  Ig Publishing, Brooklyn, NY 2008

Miller, Mark C., Fooled Again, Basic Books, New York, 2005

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Charnin, Richard, Proving Election Fraud: Phantom Voters, Uncounted Votes, and the National Exit Poll, AuthorHouse, Bloomington IN, 2010

Harris, Bev, Black Box Voting: Ballot Tampering in the 21st Century, Talion Publishing, Renton, WA, 2004

Introductory Articles and Essays

Was the 2004 Election Stolen? by Robert F. Kennedy [10]

Landslide Denied; Exit Polls vs. Vote Count 2006 by Jonathan Simon, JD, and Bruce O’Dell [11]

Fingerprints Of Election Theft: Were Competitive Contests Targeted? by Jonathan Simon, JD, Bruce O’Dell, Dale Tavris, PhD, Josh Mitteldorf, PhD [12]

Testimony for Hand-Counted Paper Ballots, Texas Legislature, 04.04.07 by Bruce O’Dell [13]

Peering Through Chinks in the Armor of High-Tech Elections by Pokey Anderson [14]

Vendors are Undermining the Structure of U.S. Elections by Ellen Thiesen [15]

Believe it (Or Not): The Massachusetts Special Election for US Senate by Jonathan Simon [16]

News, Blogs and Websites

Voters Unite! — [17]
Bradblog — [18]
Voting News — [19]
Black Box Voting — [19], [20]
Election Defense Alliance — [21]

Reports and Fact Sheets

Myth Breakers, Facts about Electronic Elections by VotersUnite! A guide to educate public election officials.http://www.VotersUnite.Org/MB2.pdf [22]
Electronic Voting & Fair Vote Counts: 15 Expert Reports by Rady Ananda [23]

Videos and DVDs

Hacking Democracy [24]
Stealing America: Vote by Vote [25]
Uncounted – The New Math of American Elections [26]/
Murder, Spies &Voting Lies: The Clint Curtis Story [27]/

Sep 11: 9/11, books burning, and the primaries
Sep 11th, 2010 by Sam


9/11: how does the memory of 9/11 compare to other tragic moments in history? pearl harbor, JFK, Martin Luther King… do any other moments have the same resonance?

Book burning: is burning the Koran the same as cartoons of Mohammed? Why not? Why didn’t we have the same outcry for the cartoons? In fact, there were Facebook groups and movements for people to make more cartoons. What’s the difference?

Democracy in action: Tony Schinella, editor of, moderated the debate between Barney Frank and Rachel Scott. Amazing he agreed to it. Amazing to listen to it. Tony tells us how it went.

Video: Barney Frank debates Rachel Brown

Texas evangelist says ‘100 percent’ that Quran-burning is off Saturday

Press freedom threatened

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