Apr 21: Shareholders Revolt(ed) against Citibank Exec Pay
Apr 20th, 2012 by Sam

Sam commentary: 2012-04-21-samantha-clemens-p1-commentary.mp3

Todd Wallack: 2012-04-21-samantha-clemens-p2-todd-wallack-liberty-mutual.mp3

Paul Dorf: 2012-04-21-samantha-clemens-p3-paul-dorf-exec-comp.mp3


Is a sleeping giant waking up??

 “Citigroup’s shareholders recently took advantage of the new “say-on-pay” provisions of the Dodd-Frank law to vote DOWN CEO Vikram Pandit’s $15 million pay package.”


And here in Boston, the Liberty Mutual CEO has been under fire for collecting $50 million A YEAR for his job…. When rates are set by the state! Is he really that good??



  •  Paul Dworf, Managing Director of Compensation Resources Inc, is an expert in Executive Compensation. We’ll talk about:
    • how these guys set executive compensation levels,
    • how they measure success,
    • how they hire these guys in the first place,
    • how compensation and the attitude of the execs has changed over time,
    • what the effect of tax increases would have
    • and whether more money is really an incentive for these guys.

My question: Just how is it that the free market can’t get these wages DOWN instead of up in a down economy? Are there more of these guys on the streets – more supply of executive labor than demand? What’s going on?

Call in: 617 237 1234!


Oct 15: John O’Brien, Register of Deeds; takes on the banks
Oct 15th, 2011 by Sam


On the show…

We started talking about the Occupy movement – clips of comments about it – Sean Hannity, Herman Cain, participants..

Then – Takes a hero to take on the banks!  Guest: John O’Brien, Register of Deeds, and Kevin Harvey, First Assistant; Southern Essex County, Massachusetts

Is Bank of America missing in action or dead on arrival?
Are the Occupy Boston protests here to stay? Do they have a unifying message?
Will the “evil doers” ever be held accountable for their actions?

Find out on this Saturday’s edition of The Samantha Clemens Show!!!

Samantha welcomes friend of the show and South Essex Register of Deeds John O’Brien! For those of you who don’t know Mr. O’brien, he was taking on Bank of America BEFORE it was cool!

Be sure to listen and call in with your questions and concerns for Mr. O’brien. The studio number is 617 237 1234.

Oct 1: How Would You Change the Constitution?
Oct 1st, 2011 by Sam


We started with Marisa DeFranco (see below) and ended with an update from Tony Schinella of with the Granite State Update….

What we want to know is; if you could, what changes would you make to the US Constitution?

Would you:

Eliminate the Commerce Clause?
Put restrictions on the 2nd Amendment?
Clarify the First Amendment?
Change the function of the Senate?

It’s up to you!

Be sure to call in and answer our constitution questions. You may win a (sorta) fabulous prize!!!!  617 237 1234.

PLUS, Massachusetts Senatorial candidate Marisa DeFranco will be on the show this Saturday to talk about her campaign (and maybe we can get her opinion on what she might change in the Constitution!)

Things we thought were interesting….

The Political Pulpit




May 21: The attack of the NASTIE’s and storming moats
May 21st, 2011 by Sam



The economy:

If you reduce taxes to nothing, will the economy grow infinitely?  Jared Bernstein will explain why this is just not so, regardless of what he calls the NASTIE’s say (Never-A-Stinkin’-Tax-Increase-Ever!).  What Dems AND Repubs have to come to grips with.

Check out his blog:  Attack of the NASTIE’sWage Story, Longer Term.

Holding the banks accountable:

Storming the moat!  The JP Morgan Chase office in Columbus, Ohio is surrounded by a moat.  Liz Ryan Murray will explain why folks dressed up as Robin Hood, stormed the castle, and demanded to let others stay in their’s.

For more, check out Show Down in America and the New Bottom Line.

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