Nov 6: Jonathan D Simon on counting the votes – update
Nov 6th, 2010 by Sam


It’s morning in Massachusetts and we’ve proven ourselves to be the good liberal contrarians that we knew we were, Scott Brown notwithstanding! (I do wonder if he would have been elected if he was homely. But I digress.)

However, just before the election we spoke with Jonathan D Simon of the Election Defense Alliance who does forensic analysis on vote counting. Do the electronic voting machines count votes properly? Accurately? These guys look at everything – they compare hand counted votes with machine votes. Compare historical voting patterns. Look at exit polling data vs actual results.

What they have found is that Republicans consistently do better with machines in closely contested elections. (yes, you read that right).

So, what happened in this last election??? Tune in to learn what they’ve found so far…. And see below for more resources from the Election Defense Alliance…

They’ve been reporting on electronic voting machine/paper trail issues for years over at Brad Blog – check out the recent post-election post about the Registrar in Riverside County, CA.  Even the Secretary of State for California has found the machines to be insecure, yet they continue to be used and the state paid for the reconciliation of paper ballots with the results from the electronic machines.

As another point of view, Tony Schinella writes about the research done by the Ralph Nader folks in New Hampshire after the 2003 election here.  His conclusion is that the optical scanner machines are incredibly accurate and also provide the paper trail for audit purposes.  Luckily, this is the most prevalent machine used here in Massachusetts.


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Oct 30: Jonathan Simon of the Elec. Def. All.; Jim Henderson, cand for Sec of Commonwealth
Oct 30th, 2010 by Sam


Do you have confidence your votes are counted correctly?  Would it concern you to find out there is no audit trail for electronic machines?  That the software is proprietary and therefore secret to all except the owners?  That the owners of the company that makes the machines have donated $$$ to one party??  (guess which one?)

We’ll talk with Jonathan Simon of the Election Defense Alliance who has analyzed elections across the country, including the Martha Coakley / Scott Brown election in January 2010…

Jun 13: Iran elections
Jun 13th, 2009 by Sam

Sam on the Iranian elections…

  • people in the streets
  • is this a poll or a revolution?

The Samantha Clemens Show: Iranian elections

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