Jan 14: New Hampshire…The Boys of the GOP love it and leave it!
Jan 14th, 2012 by Sam

Tony Schinella, 2012-01-14-samantha-clemens-tony-schinella-primaries.Mp3

Poor New Hampshire sits alone atop Massachusetts with nothing to show for her love affair with the boys of the GOP. The Granite State, which was once the focus of attention for the country’s most eligible candidates, sits quietly in her room with no date to the prom and memories of the greatest time in her young life.

Now as the boys of the GOP run to the arms of South Carolina, the Palmetto State looks forward to the attention she’s about to receive. SC knows what’ll happen. Just like New Hampshire and Iowa before her, she’ll be alone with a broken heart, only to pick up the pieces left behind.


Maybe she can learn from the other states. Maybe she doesn’t need the “safe” Mitt Romney to be her number one man. Maybe Newt Gingrich will be her guy. I’m sure all the things written about him in the girls bathroom aren’t true. Nobody could be that cruel. Right?

How about Jon Huntsman, Rick Santorum or Ron Paul? Will they be honest about their feelings or will they tell her what she wants to hear just so they can get a little action?

Maybe she can get the incredibly handsome Rick Perry to stop playing X-box and smoking weed for a few minutes to show her a little love. Maybe.

The one thing South Carolina knows is that she’ll never end up like New Hampshire. She knows it’ll be love this time. She know she’ll have a date to the prom. She just knows it.

**To help us understand the tale of New Hampshire and South Carolina,’s Tony Schinella will be on The Samantha Clemens Show this Saturday at 10am on The Revolution Boston AM 1510 and**

Listener lines will be open. Be sure to call Samantha at 617 237 1234 to get your voice heard!

Dec 10: Is it hot in here or is it just the CO2?
Dec 10th, 2011 by Sam


Join Samantha Clemens this Saturday as she speaks to Roger Shamel from the Global Warming Education Network as they discuss the latest Climate Change data.

  • Has the Global Warming debate become TOO politicized?
  • Has John Huntsman sold his soul by backtracking on his original comments by “pulling a Romney” on Climate Change?
  • Was Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” hyperbole or factual?
  • When will Worcester be a coastal city?


The new Rick Perry ad…  is there a problem with a President so overtly Christian?  And of a particular sect of Christianity?  And, why are Republican men so hot for those barn jackets…

Nov 12: Cain and Perry’s Fate and the Granite State Update!
Nov 12th, 2011 by Sam

Part 1: Samantha sez:


Part 2: Granite State Update with Tony Schinella:


Once upon a time there were Perry and Cain,
Whose outlooks on the world were kind of insane.
One guy likes the chicks,
While the other’s brain is on the fritz,
And it’s Newt’s poll numbers that did gain.

Join Samantha this Saturday at 10am for The Samantha Clemens Show as she talks politics and the latest GOP debate!

Also, Tony Schinella joins Samantha as he gives an update of the latest political happening north of the border on The Granite State Update!

Aug 20: Freedom of Religion…and Politics
Aug 20th, 2011 by Sam

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…or should it?

It depends on who you ask…

At 10am, Samantha talks about the political AND religious leanings of GOP superstars Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry. Does religion have a place in government? Does Michelle Bachmann’s history of fundamentalist Christian beliefs cloud her judgement and make her too extreme for mainstream America?


At 10:30am, Samantha welcomes Christian fundamentalist blogger, Jim Fletcher, to the show. The two will discuss modern, fundamentalist Christianity.

He writes on Prophecy Matters, Bible Prophecy Blog, and

More on Rick Perry’s and Michele Bachmann’s religion:

A Christian Plot for Domination?

Rachel Maddow Outs MSMs Downplay of Rick Perry’s Extremist Supporters

Partial transcripts of Maddow show

Bachmann Staffer Arrested for Terrorism in Uganda in 2006 – yes, he was in Uganda calling for the death of homosexuals.

Ex-Evangelical Frank Schaeffer Denounces Michele Bachmann & Calls Her Movement Anti-American


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