Nov 20: Rebecca Jordan-Young – Are Sex Differences Hardwired?
Nov 18th, 2010 by Sam


Men are Mars and women are Venus, right? That’s what we ‘know.’ That’s what the research says. Men don’t ask directions. Women can’t do math as well. Men don’t talk about their feelings. All women want to do it talk.

It’s all in fun, until parents and teachers and Larry Summers make decisions that affect lives based on … the science.

Except, is that what the science actually says? How rigorous has the research been? Has the peer review system really worked?

Rebecca Jordan-Young, a Barnard College professor of women’s studies, joins us to discuss her book “Brain Storm,” where she sets out to debunk the proliferating “brain-organization” studies that attempt to explain in purely biological terms (since XX and XY seem not to be enough) why males and females differ in one way or another. Or, in some cases, fail to differ.

The book.


LA Times: Book review: ‘Brain Storm: The Flaws in the Science of Sex Differences’ by Rebecca M. Jordan-Young

“Issues of gender understandably provoke a lot of red-faced uproar in all sorts of warring quarters. Neuroscientist Simon LeVay’s 1991 report in Science locating male homosexuality in an area of the hypothalamus and Lawrence H. Summers’ suggestion, while he was still president of Harvard, that the unequal number of tenured male and female scientists indicates “a difference in aptitude” are signal examples.”

Powell’s Books: Brainstorm: The Flaws in the Science of Sex Differences by Rebecca M. Jordan-young – Powell

“Jordan-Young interviewed virtually every major researcher in the field and reviewed hundreds of published scientific papers. Her conclusion: ‘Brain organization theory is little more than an elaboration of long-standing folk tales about antagonistic male and female essences and how they connect to antagonistic male and female natures.’ She explains, in exquisite detail, the flaws in the underlying science, from experimental designs that make no statistical sense to ‘conceptually sloppy’ definitions of male and female sexuality, contradictory results, and the social construction of normality. Her conclusion that the patterns we see are far more complicated than previously believed and due to a wider range of variables will shake up the research community and alter public perception. “

Nov 13: Rose Aguilar: What do women (voters) want? It’s the issues, stupid.
Nov 12th, 2010 by Sam


Rose Aguilar joins us to talk about the election:  women candidates, women voters, women’s issues.  Why on earth didn’t women vote for Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina?  Is the budget deficit the highest priority for women?  Are women likely to support tax increases and social security cuts proposed by the so-called bipartisan commission to pay for tax cuts for the top 2%ers?

Rose is host of “Your Call,” a daily call-in radio show on KALW 91.7 FM in San Francisco and on KUSP 88.9 FM in Santa Cruz; and author of “Red Highways: A Liberal’s Journey Into the Heartland.”

Recent articles by Rose:

The New York Times Gets Women Voters Wrong

GOP Hopefuls Threaten Reproductive Rights, Support for Poor Women

Nov 6: Jonathan D Simon on counting the votes – update
Nov 6th, 2010 by Sam


It’s morning in Massachusetts and we’ve proven ourselves to be the good liberal contrarians that we knew we were, Scott Brown notwithstanding! (I do wonder if he would have been elected if he was homely. But I digress.)

However, just before the election we spoke with Jonathan D Simon of the Election Defense Alliance who does forensic analysis on vote counting. Do the electronic voting machines count votes properly? Accurately? These guys look at everything – they compare hand counted votes with machine votes. Compare historical voting patterns. Look at exit polling data vs actual results.

What they have found is that Republicans consistently do better with machines in closely contested elections. (yes, you read that right).

So, what happened in this last election??? Tune in to learn what they’ve found so far…. And see below for more resources from the Election Defense Alliance…

They’ve been reporting on electronic voting machine/paper trail issues for years over at Brad Blog – check out the recent post-election post about the Registrar in Riverside County, CA.  Even the Secretary of State for California has found the machines to be insecure, yet they continue to be used and the state paid for the reconciliation of paper ballots with the results from the electronic machines.

As another point of view, Tony Schinella writes about the research done by the Ralph Nader folks in New Hampshire after the 2003 election here.  His conclusion is that the optical scanner machines are incredibly accurate and also provide the paper trail for audit purposes.  Luckily, this is the most prevalent machine used here in Massachusetts.


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Introductory Articles and Essays

Was the 2004 Election Stolen? by Robert F. Kennedy [10]

Landslide Denied; Exit Polls vs. Vote Count 2006 by Jonathan Simon, JD, and Bruce O’Dell [11]

Fingerprints Of Election Theft: Were Competitive Contests Targeted? by Jonathan Simon, JD, Bruce O’Dell, Dale Tavris, PhD, Josh Mitteldorf, PhD [12]

Testimony for Hand-Counted Paper Ballots, Texas Legislature, 04.04.07 by Bruce O’Dell [13]

Peering Through Chinks in the Armor of High-Tech Elections by Pokey Anderson [14]

Vendors are Undermining the Structure of U.S. Elections by Ellen Thiesen [15]

Believe it (Or Not): The Massachusetts Special Election for US Senate by Jonathan Simon [16]

News, Blogs and Websites

Voters Unite! — [17]
Bradblog — [18]
Voting News — [19]
Black Box Voting — [19], [20]
Election Defense Alliance — [21]

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Myth Breakers, Facts about Electronic Elections by VotersUnite! A guide to educate public election officials.http://www.VotersUnite.Org/MB2.pdf [22]
Electronic Voting & Fair Vote Counts: 15 Expert Reports by Rady Ananda [23]

Videos and DVDs

Hacking Democracy [24]
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Uncounted – The New Math of American Elections [26]/
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